Q. How do i prepare my place for the photoshoot?

A. Depending on the space constraints you should have about at least 6 feet of clear space for the lights and camera.  The paintings should be ready to hang on the wall or an easel.  I will bring two lights that I’ll be setting up on both sides of the painting.  



Q. What's your experience?

A. I’ve been taking photographs of paintings for more than 5 years now which are in catalogs of multiple international galleries.  I’m using that experience to give back to the art community at a very low price because I understand the struggles of being an artist, being one myself.


Q. What's that strange font all over the website? what does your logo mean?

A. Myaing is my Burmese last name.  It's where I was born so I thought it appropriate to incorporate it into the design.  Below is the translation made by my dad: