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Tun Myaing


Myaing Projects was created with a desire to encapsulate my expanding projects and skills that are required working in the art world as a content creator, curator, marketer and designer. It occurred to me after graduating with an MFA from the New York Academy of Art that it’s important to have the skills to run a business as an artist. In this day and age an artist has to be their own company that can create, market and sell their own work without relying on the gallery. A strong online presence is a crucial component for today’s working artists.

With more than a decade of working in a high pace commercial environment in the art industry I’ve taught myself how to professionally photograph paintings, create websites, catalogs, business cards, postcards, posters and how to package it all for exhibitions. My designs have been featured in multiple international galleries around the world.       

Helping artists is my passion because I understand how difficult it is to create your own work and have to do a million other things to promote it.  That’s where I come in to ease your mind and take care of everything so you can spend more time creating work that you love and know that it will be well represented online.